How to Lock Apps on a Samsung Tablet


More often than not, it is not enough to just lock the screen or have a screen password on devices such as phones and tablets. Sometimes, there is information and data such as photos, files, videos, or apps that I consider sensitive and private. Suppose a situation, you share a smartphone or a tablet with … Read more

Paceblade Technology Launched the Pacebook Tablet PC Edition

PaceBlade Launches Tablet PC

PaceBlade Technology launched the PaceBook Tablet PC edition of their successful 3-in-1 mobile pen tablet computer back on 7 November 2002. The announcement was made in conjunction with Microsoft’s release of their new operating system, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. An additional feature with the new operating system is the pen-driven input and “digital ink,” … Read more

Do you need a computer for a drawing tablet?


The answer is NO. If you had asked this question a few years back, the response would have been Yes. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional artist, it’s one of the most common questions – do you need a computer for a drawing tablet? Surprisingly, whenever you don’t have access to your gadgets, your … Read more

How to Use a Tablet to Draw On a Computer

If we classify tablets, there are mainly two types; regular and drawing. You can use a regular tablet for several tasks such as watching videos, internet browsing, or social media, for example; Samsung, iPad. Drawing tablets also called graphics tablets, on the other hand, are specially designed for drawing and editing purposes because they offer … Read more

How to Waterproof a Tablet – Complete Guide


To keep any liquid molecules away and avoid penetrating your device you have to spend more. This is why the complete waterproofing feature is only available in premium smartphones and tablets, but what about budget and mid-range devices, can we protect them? Budget tablets or smartphones only offer water-resistant features, which isn’t much useful. With … Read more

How to Get Internet on Tablet without Wi-Fi

When your car battery dies, what do you do to get it started; either you use jumper cables or the old-school pushing method. Well, it might not be the most suitable example when we talk about how to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi, but smartphones before Wi-Fi technology were also using the internet. … Read more

How to Turn on Kid Mode on Samsung Tablet


Samsung offers a variety of tablets and smartphones that covers almost every user’s needs and budget. Whether we talk about a powerful productive device or an entertainment buddy, you can find a suitable device for yourself. Samsung offers a Kid Mode for children, which comes with parental control and lots of safety features. You don’t … Read more

How to Test Tablet Performance


Just like a computer’s main hardware components such as processor, graphics, memory, and storage that affect the overall performance, a tablet isn’t different. We can rate a tablet’s performance with benchmark tools and compare it with its competitors. These benchmarking apps rate a tablet’s predominant hardware components and give it a score. It helps us … Read more