How to Charge a Tablet Without a Charger?


Tablets are the new technology to replace laptops soon. It is a portable device that is excellent for most mobile applications and is smoother to use than a regular laptop. Whether you use it for entertainment or work, its extensive screen is excellent for any task. However, like all devices, your tablet will also be … Read more

How to Download Apps on Amazon Fire Tablet?


Amazon Fire tablets are one of the best budget tablets today. It is great for family use, has a great battery life, and can handle basic tasks that other tablets offer at a fraction of the price. It is fit for checking e-mails, reading books, and watching movies on various streaming platforms. To do all … Read more

How to Block Websites on a Tablet?


Sometimes, certain websites can be a distraction, thus affecting my productivity. There are also certain websites that I would not want my children or young siblings to access due to exposure to indecent content, violence, or content where people abuse drugs, to mention a few. In such cases, I block such websites. Blocking certain websites … Read more

How to Use Split Screen on Samsung Tablet


Modern tablets are always evolving—as users, we’re also accustomed to using our tablets for different tasks. For instance, I wouldn’t want to go through different devices in the middle of my work. Reading through reports and sending emails can be tiresome if you’re in a hurry. With Split Screen, however, you can now do tasks … Read more

How to Use iPad as Drawing Tablet for Mac


If you’ve invested in the iPad along with Mac then you should make the most of it. Apple iPad with Pencil is a fantastic combination that can deliver a precise drawing or designing experience. It offers tilt and pressure sensitivity, and if you are using a 2nd Gen Pencil, you can take advantage of tapping, … Read more

How to Play Osu! with a Tablet?


OSU or osu! is a music-video game initially released for Windows OS in 2007. Eventually, it was released on different platforms such as macOS, Linux, and Android. It’s a free-to-play rhythm game with beatmaps and playable songs, which is heavily-community oriented. There are also four main game modes where you can increase or decrease the … Read more