How to Fix a Broken Tablet Screen?


Whether due to accidents or the tablet’s age, broken tablet screens are one of the worst things that can happen to your device. Though you can let the tech professionals handle your problem, it can cost you a lot of money. With this in mind, you can try to do this on your own; not … Read more

How to Factory Reset a RCA Tablet?


Not to mention, RCA also has tablets that run the Windows OS. It is suitable for those who use their tablets for work and study. All office applications in the Microsoft Office Suite are available, including other productivity apps in the Windows Store. After a while, however, RCA tablets perform poorly due to age or … Read more

How to Connect Keyboard to a Samsung Tablet?


Connecting a keyboard to your Samsung tablet is a great addition to the tablet’s functions. A QWERTY keyboard improves the usability of your tablet. There are several options out there that are compatible with the latest versions of Samsung tablets, but the most common options are Bluetooth and wired keyboards. Wireless keyboards are light, portable, … Read more

How to Move Files From Tablet to SD Card?


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How to Measure a Tablet Screen Size?


Screen size is critical when picking a new Samsung device. For tablets, it enables you to view your files and documents from a wider point of view. Productivity also increases as larger screens let you effectively multitask by using multiple windows to operate apps simultaneously. On Samsung tablets, you can know the screen size right … Read more

How to Screen Record on Amazon Fire Tablet


Amazon Fire tablets offer the best price to performance ratio. I have seen several content creators record and upload videos on social networks using the tablet. Today’s article will discuss how you can screen record on an Amazon Fire tablet. Whether you want to make a tutorial or record that Minecraft game you are hooked … Read more